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In recent years, scholars working in respects of social science and humanities disciplines have taken an intense interest in “identity”. It has been considered as one of the most controversial and abstract things because of its broad covering scale. In terms of the degree, the nature of identity is presently used in three linked senses, which may be termed “cultural”, “social” and “personal”. My writing would mainly focus on making clarification of my own “personal identity” concept after achieving the inside knowledge in intercultural communication course.
Many of the great philosophers and scholars such as Harold Noonan, Phillip Gleason and Erik H Erikson in the past raised awareness of the same question during their
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It is generally accepted that nobody in this world can live from birth without parents or someone. They will be the people who take care of you when you are sick or when you are in need of helping. These people will stand by you for a long time and have a major impact on what you turn out to be it the future. Parental guidance plays a vital role in shaping the children’s characteristics. I am a lucky girl when I was born and grew up in my parent 's love and caring. My mother’s knowledge of the foreign language developed the basis of my identity. She is an inspired teacher who has a gift for learning foreign language. Therefore, my mother is a great inspiration to me who motivates me to study English efficiently. To be specific, I was driven to pursue the English major at the very early stage. In reality, now I am a third-year-student in English major. The significant achievement can be obtained partly because of the contribution of my mother in educating me. Besides, I stand to inherit a little painting talent from my father. He used to be an artist, which provided me with endless inspiration in painting. He also an excellent instructors who show me how to have a vivid painting which can provoke the thought of people .My family indeed perform an important role in constituting my identity. At no time does my sense of pride in my family become

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