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My first recollection of art began at the moment when I saw Manet’s painting of a standing boy playing flute, of which it was printed on the cover of my 1st grade musical textbook. I thought it was magical to present a lively person onto a flat two-dimensional space merely using colors and brushes. Since then, I have been fascinated by the concept of art — a visual language that draws inspiration from life but goes beyond it. With this artistic seed in my heart, I went to a high school that I can pursuit formal art trainings in sketching, drawing, and painting. After immersing myself in the art practice world for three years, my passion for fine art was fully kindled and exploded. In order to experience a new culture, a different educational system and more importantly to explore all spectrums of art in a free atmosphere, I decided to study abroad at Allan Hancock College, California in 2013. With a major in art, I was enabled to take courses in art criticism, installation arts, and digital designs, etc. In company with the accumulated learning process, my…show more content…
I am especially impressed by the program's courses such as Marketing Management and introduction of East Asian Art Market, of which they are essential to facilitate me in understanding the latest trend of the current market. Additionally, the program offers an ideal interdisciplinary environment wherein I can fully explore my interests in education, for profit and non-profit organizations' operations. Including my transformative experience in the art-related field for more than eight years, I am firmly confident that the business skills and sufficient exposure to the global art market offered by your program will not only help me connect all the dots together, but also provide me with tools, knowledge, and support necessary to ultimately become a cultural

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