Personal Essay: My Duty To My Country

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America is known as one of the greatest nations in the world, but its greatest asset—freedom—is also its greatest weakness. Freedom brings great responsibility that many just push aside and ignore, but it is my duty to America to fulfill these responsibilities. My responsibility to America is to have a great sense of patriotism, represent myself through national activities, and follow order to support my country and all it provides me. Patriotism is a great key you need to have in a successful country. America was founded because of the people who wanted to escape their old country. It is necessary to contain a little appreciation for the free land we live on. My responsibility is to have a little passion for my country. My country that allows me to feel safe and protected. My country that would go to war for me to protect my freedom. My country that allows me to have a religion of my choice and to talk freely. Patriotism is found in many forms and can be something small and…show more content…
To prevent chaos, America needs order to contain the will of the people. I am responsible to follow these laws. Each law was put in place for a reason that typically goes higher than my head to understand. It is my duty to obey and prioritize these laws over my own opinion or actions. American behavior is typically seen as the cocky know-it-alls. We believe we can do whatever we want, but this is where we go wrong. I am held responsible for good behavior. And good behavior is what is needed fruitful. My responsibility to America is something small but powerful. I owe it to my country to do what is necessary because of what it has done for me. It was provided me a land with a magnitude of freedom and I am blessed to be a part of it. So in return, I will show my pride for this country, participate in governmental activities and follow order because this truly is one of the greatest countries in the

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