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In life, to grow, one must be influenced by the people surrounding them. Among friends, family, teachers, co-workers, and celebrities, everyone has at least one person who they admire. It is important in someone’s life to have a role model or a mentor, someone whom they can look up to and learn from. The majority of people will claim that their role model is a celebrity. If you were to have asked me five years ago, who my role model was, I would say the name of a celebrity in response. But this past year, I realized my mentor was my high school social worker. Growing up, I have always known I wanted to help people. Reflecting back on my childhood, I always had a vivid imagination. I would imagine being a doctor, a nurse, police officer, even the first female president of the United State of America. But, I never considered a career in social work. Over the years I realized that I like helping people, but my thoughts on what I wanted to become were neutral. My first year in college, my counselor had me do a career survey to see what would have peaked my interest. The most common jobs were Dental Assistant, teacher, secretary, and social worker. So, I went online and researched as much as I could on each career choice. Even so, I was at that point in my life, I thought that dental assistant was the best career choice for me. For the first two years of college, I excelled in taking Dental Assistant Program classes until something changed at the beginning of my sophomore/ junior year and I could not deny not wanting to…show more content…
There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that I helped someone through a crisis. What I value most about my social worker were the services she provided me with; without her, I don’t know where I would have been dure the last year of my high

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