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Imagine someone who is just always in a good mood, is never mean, and just has the biggest heart all the time. I am lucky enough to know someone just like that. That is why I am writing about my role model Patricia Ezdebski. She has made me a better person just knowing her, her kindness rubs off on everyone she meets and that is why Patricia is my personal Michigan hero. I was born with cancer, (I know you 're thinking a baby should not be born with cancer but, I was). In fact lots of kids develop cancer. Patricia along with her husband Tom noticed that lots of kids in our county (Mason County) sadly had to deal with the scary realization of cancer. That is why they started the Childhood Cancer Campaign or CCC. Through the help of donations,…show more content…
They called together all the parents of kids who had cancer or did have cancer to see what needs they could help with. I am lucky in the aspect that with my cancer I never had to have chemotherapy or radiation. I had a surgery that left me with one arm and one shoulder. My needs have never been too great regarding my cancer, outside of a little help with gas money for my many check ups in Grand Rapids, I have been very lucky. Patricia always makes time for me by taking me to the movies, out to dinner, or to CCC fundraising events. She has become for me and all the kids in Mason County a symbol of what a true hero is.
One of the ways Patricia keeps the CCC funded is through Lemonade stands. Her lemonade stand idea came about via the book “Alex and the Lemonade Stand), this book is about a little girl who raised millions of dollars to help kids with cancer. Every year Patricia organizations the Lemonade stands around Mason county and every year they raise over $5,000.
Parents with kids who have cancer have a lot of stress. Often times running the child to and from the cancer center. Where we live the closest cancer center for kids is in Grand Rapids. A trip down and back takes the whole day and leaves no time for parents to take care of their kids who are healthy. Patricia will set up healthy meals for families so they can have dinner

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