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Who are you? That’s my most feared question. I wish I knew the answer. There are so many different things that contribute to my self concept. Self concept is described in Steven McCornack’s Reflect and Relate as “your overall perception of who you are.”(McCornack 39).
My self concept has developed because of my thoughts, my surroundings, my relationships, and my past experiences. I’m hoping to find out what happened to make me this way and how I keep constantly changing. Even though everything seems in place. Past experiences have made me who I am today. I was young when my parents got divorced. I don’t really like talking about it. It always comes up in my life though. I have friends ask to come over and they always ask “Who are you with this week?”. I get irritated with it because I’m the same person at both houses but they act like I'm different. Like me having divorced parents makes me two different people. I’ve never thought that I was a different person at either house. I’m a girl who loves her
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Showing helps me relax and focus on how hard I’ve worked to bond with this animal and gain it's trust. They trust me to help take care of them and I trust them to do their job. My animals are my life, they help me keep on my feet and help me see things I’ve never seen before. When they get scared or sick I try and take care of them the best possible way I can. That has motivated me to become a vet and help every animal I can.
My self concept has changed and will continue to change as time goes on. I have only noticed a few changes throughout my life about my self concept. The way I approach my problems now is different from when I used to handle my problems. The way I look at people is entirely different now. I don’t judge anything fast I take my time and look at every possible angle before I make a
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