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There are many events in a person’s life that define who they are and, consequently, who they will eventually be. For me one of these events was my trip to Mexico which changed my view on the world. This is the trip that made me realize how beautiful the world is. It also gave me the desire to travel and see many other beautiful places the world has to offer. It also set me up for a future where I work hard to be able to travel to all these different places. Before my adventures in Mexico I was a child who could only imagine a world beyond her backyard. However, she was eventually able to live in it.
Mexico is a beautiful, sensuous place with many sights to see. For a child who had never left drab Missouri these were even more breathtaking. For example, the you can visit remnants of Mayan Ruins or see the Mexican culture in all the shops that sold tawdry jewelry in Playa del Carmen. However, the most beautiful sight is the ocean. The white sandy beaches that burn your feet so you need to run to the beautiful blue water that glistens in the sun almost as if it’s calling out to you. All you can do is sit in awe as the waves roll onto the beaches or crash into the rocks spraying passersby. Before
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It has especially been with me through searching for career options. I know I definitely want a job that is fruitful in the sense that it either gives me the vacation time to travel or allows me to travel for them. I will also need a well paying job if I want to travel this much. Being able to travel the world is something that is very important to me and has been since Mexico. Going to Playa del Carmen was a gateway into a whole different lifestyle and I want more of those experiences. It also made me love the beach and this love for the beach could quite possibly carry over into owning a beach house when I’m older. This means that I will eventually need to generate enough money to be able to afford such a

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