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My Virtual Life Program; What to Expect When Virtually Expecting

Upon the completion of My Virtual Child, I have changed part of my opinions on how parenting can influence developmental outcomes, behaviors, and potentially the future of a child. My Virtual Child enabled me to truly understand on how basic parenting decisions truly have long-term effects on child and potentially their futures. When I say long-term effects I mean a wide variations; the most surprising one of a all is not always the “best” decision is always the “right” decision and making all the “right” choices doesn’t guarantee your child will be successful. Being a parent, even in a virtual one requires a lot of time physically, emotionally, and mentally.
During the early months of my child, Ramona’s life included much health decision-making, as she had indigestion problems as well as constant colds, poor appetites and frequent irritability. One of the most important decisions made was breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding. Early in the quarter our guest speaker Jordynn Quinine went over the importance of skin on skin contact immediately after birth, as well as the
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She began to shows signs of reluctance during drop offs at day care, as well as grow fearful of unfamiliar people. Over the course of the next four months, Ramona began to try new things with me nearby. After multiple interactions with people, she was able to interact with them. When Ramona began to grow fearful of people and separation from myself, I made sure to provide an appropriate level of response. In our text, it states that mothers who give this type of attention to have secure children. With research, it has become apparent that there is a correspondence between mothers and children on the basis that attachment. Attachment depends on the reaction from mothers to her child’s emotional cues. (Feldman, 2012, Chapter

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