Essay On My Vision For America

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My Vision for America America has had many changes over the years, some for the better, and some for the worse. Right now, more than any other time in our history, America needs a BIG change. With the right leadership, right values and principles, my vision for our country is very promising. What are the right values and principles? Who is the right leader? This is my vision for America. First, we need to start off with finding the values and principles. What are values? The definition I have found is “a person 's principles or standards of behavior; one 's judgment of what is important in life.” The word “standard” is very important. To have a value you must have a standard. Who makes or creates the standard for our values? God originates any standard for any value we will ever have. He is the perfect standard and is the only reason we are alive and living on this earth today. The main point we need to extract from this is that without…show more content…
One of the biggest changes we have seen is a change in our Presidents. We have caught glimpses of great presidents throughout our nation’s history, presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan. Abraham Lincoln conquered slavery and helped to heal the nation through one of our nation’s greatest trials - the Civil War. Franklin Roosevelt made reforms that helped our country triumph over the Great Depression. Ronald Reagan showed his resilience and courage while surviving an assassination attempt and a gunshot wound. This implies the question, ‘Who is the right man or woman to lead our country?’ In short, America needs a president that can lead her people, make good decisions, and turn our country around. My vision needs a good leader for promising results.

Respect, virtue and a need for a good president are just a sample of what our country needs. If America can secure these values and this leadership, then my vision for her is very bright. Without out these, America may have a rough
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