Essay On My Winter Holiday

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Winter holiday is so short and chill. I didn't go to travel, I have stayed at home every day to eat and drink, nothing to do will be to find a part-time job for my leisure time entertainment.I did a part-time promoters of milk in the supermarket. I lived in the country, so every day I wake up and i can hear the birds chirping, chicken GeGeDa sound, and dogs barking. After eating lunch every day I will be sitting on the bench tacking a Sunbathe, as well as with the neighbor's children play slapstick.In fact, most of the time I have been nest in in my room playing computer, and occasionally listen to songs, play games, watch movies, so blink of an eye my winter vacation is over.In a word, the holiday is used relax, whether to travel or stay at home and yourself happy is most important,This is a last winter holiday without any pressure in my life. Warm-up 2 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? If in this life have the opportunity to go to…show more content…
My dream job is to do a professional tourism division, if someone hired me to when a tourist appreciation division, let I have travelled the world as far afield as the Antarctic and the Arctic, even Mount Everest, then the my travel experience written a book and reference for people in other love to travel.Career should be combined with their own interests, so as to enjoy it, I am a person who love to travel, so want to do such a job, I do not ask how high salaries for their own use can be, and do not live in a lot of pressure in the workplace, are everywhere competitors.Unfortunately, I do not know this career is not real, and now society is too competitive, and everyone thought more money and do not have much time to travel, so dream Career is like a dream does not become reality, we live in the present we must accept the fact
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