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There has been lots of researches and studies done on the mycorrhizal fungi to determine its role in establishing plant communities. Mycorrhizal fungi are known to aid in protecting the seedling of host plant roots against the harmful effects such as pathogens and heavy metals. Fungi are also involved in the mycorrhizal symbiosis, nevertheless it is also affecting the multiplicity of interactions, in which it will influence the composition of fungal assemblages and then the colonization of co-occurring plant. Moreover, it may affects the host species, resource availability as well as the plant life history stage. Recent researches have proved that mycorrhizal fungi causes the positive interactions with the plant communities and may affect…show more content…
If the reproduction causes more phosphorus deficit than in vegetative growth, then the reproduction might be more responsive to mycorrhizal colonization. Besides that, mycorrhizal colonization may independently influences the sexual reproduction of plant species which consists of both male and female function. For instances, total production of pollen per plant in one cultivar of Lycopersicon esculentum was significantly more responsive to mycorrhizal colonization than total seed production per plant. Mycorrhizal fungi increases water and nutrient supply of plant by extending the volume of soil that are accessible to plants. In general, EM fungi improves the nitrogen uptake with its efficient uptake mechanism and it occupies a larger soil volume. The extensive hyphal network aids in exploring higher surface area of soil and this helps in better nutrient uptake. EM fungi does not have to be more effective in uptaking nitrogen compared to plant, but due to the high surface area, the total rate of uptaking the nitrogen is thus higher than plants. Other than that, EM fungi is also known to be efficient in uptaking minerals in the organic form such as amino

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