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Esther Park REL 301 Unit Two - Mysticism The Mystic Experience The definition of "mystic" has changed over time. It started as a term for to designate a person who can see or experience visions of relevant deity after ingesting psychoactive substances (p 5). The term has been changed like I stated before and it is not a term that derives from Hellenistic foundations (p 5). Mysticism today is known to be something that is mysterious or wondrous. The mystic experience that one goes through is extremely hard to understand by another person since they must be able to explain the experience that they went through. Many want to hear the proof with words to truly understand your experience so that it feels real and attainable. The mystic…show more content…
The mystic experience comes in different ways and the light is how we see them through the darkness. The sound guides us and allows us to experience it in different ways since no one can have the same experiences. Individuals can have mystic experiences but they cannot understand them completely. I had an experience when I was younger around the age of 17 when I had just come back for my mission's trip from the Dominican Republic. I had gotten home and I was beyond exhausted. I was trying to take a nap after unpacking and washing the feel of travel off of me when I was completely frozen in time lying down on my bed. I felt a large shadow surround me where I felt immobile. I was unable to move yet I could hear and see what was going on around me. It felt like a spiritual battle going on around me as I was fully immersed in my Christian friends and family yet at home I was alone and easily able to be attacked by Satan. I had never felt something so scary yet alive since I knew that I was going to be okay. I was protected and safe and nothing could actually get me which is when I was released from the hold that I had all over me. I shared this with a couple of friends and some were shocked and others were in disbelief but it was so hard to put into words that I understood why they couldn't understand
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