Essay On Mythology And Mythology

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Study of Indian Mythology and its relevance in Business and Marketing

1. Introduction

1.1. Meaning of Mythology
Mythology is a collection of ancient wisdom in the form of stories, poetry, rituals and symbols that a culture dives and indulges in. This kind of ancient wisdom is used generation after generation to derive knowledge and life lessons from it. One strange thing about mythology and the various stories surrounding it is that none of the mythology stories and anecdotes that we hear of are verified but these are accepted culturally and in only in rare cases, will they be accepted worldwide.
Being the diverse country that India is, the various cultures and religions originate from some or the other mythological story or incident. Indian mythology is a combination of various religions and sub-groups such as Vedic mythology, Hindu mythology, Buddhist mythology
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Etymologically speaking, this particular word is composed of two Greek words, ‘mythos’ meaning ‘story of people’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘story by the people’. In broader purview of things, there has always been a dissonance between the concept of ‘myths’ and ‘mythology’. Both of these concepts together try and give explanations for everything that is in this universe. Mythology, apart from what Wikipedia describes it, is also a collective study of the myths and its interpretations. Apart from the definitions given by the dictionaries and other scholars, mythology, in very generic terms is the collection of stories that find their origins in the past historical events and in most of the cases, they are said to be socially accepted, within a culture or within an array of multiple cultures. All these stories converge to give out various interpretations and the society imbibes them in their general habits and in their lifestyles and try to learn life lessons from the

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