Essay On Mythology: Pan And Cernunnos

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The Gods of mythology have many different physical attributes; however, the divine guardians with horns bulging threw their head are said to have immense powers of prophecy. Two of the most famous horned Gods in mythology are Pan and Cernunnos. They are widely categorized as one God known as the “Universal Horned God”, but this theory could not be more false. These are two famous Gods that are completely different because of their actions throughout history. Pan, a Greek god, is most famously known as the Sheppard God who plays his magical panpipes and is constantly on the prowl for love. Cernunnos, a Celtic God, is the god of vegetation, trees, and lust and is known for his strong love for his forest. (Jenks 1074) Pan, the son of Hermes, is most famously known as…show more content…
Although they share some similarities they also have many differences in their character. Both Gods are compared to the Christian symbol of hell, Satan, because of their unique horns that ae believed to represent evil. Pan has a strong sexual desire unlike Cernunnos who has not been depicted in art with an erect phallus. Ironically Pan is the Greek word for “all” and oddly enough Cernunnos is the God of all. Cernnunos is known to be rich because he is pictured in art with bags of money, but Pan is completely the opposite. Pan is known for his panpipes and is always painted having them by his side. On the other hand Cernunnos is always holding a torque or shield. Both Gods have immense dedication for their fields of worship. Pan and Cernunnos have been compared due to their unique horns throughout mythology, but the two Gods have numerous differences and few similarities. Although these two mighty Gods have been compared to the Christian figure, Satan, they represent little evil. They were both thought highly of in the ancient times and had a big impact in the mythological
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