Essay On NCAA Athletes Should Be Paid

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NCAA athletics bring in $11 Billion of revenue to the company but the real controversy is the players don’t see a penny of it and can’t capitalize on their talents. Even though athletes are the ones that make it all work they don 't see any of the money that comes in because the NCAA says it’s “traditional”. The NCAA says the players get paid in free education and are the most privileged college students in America. Since the NCAA can pay for new stadiums and pay coaches million dollar contracts, even after claiming to be a non-profit organization, it’s weird they can’t pay athletes. Especially with the work they put in, the money they make for the company, and the fact that most students can’t make ends meet. Athletes spend an average of 43.3 hours per week working and perfecting their game so they can play their best and inevitably make the NCAA more money. This time spent is a little more than one would work for a full time position. This would make a person at least $28,567 annually and takes little to no talent unlike being an athlete. These hours aren’t optional either. These athletes have to spend their time in gyms, games, camps, and training sessions to keep their scholarships. This isn’t all they do throughout the week because they are also students believe it or not.…show more content…
The get paid in free education.” This is just a borderline disrespectful statement and the NCAA could have said something completely different and respectful. This is disrespectful because it seems like they are making a joke out of a very controversial topic that more than 460,000 athletes face everyday. Not every athlete comes from a 5 figure background and can count on their parents to help their payments. Most athletes are only in college because of the scholarships they receive and need to make it work on their own. They could be helped by the NCAA with at least a monthly stipend to help with the costs of
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