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Constitution C.S.A Final Essay The government we use is a Democracy government , this means we elect representatives to form a governing body. We adopted this type of government because we came up with a Constitution. The Constitution is a list of rules our nation was built on and protects us as an individual. The constitution is being violated by NSA spying. Some people believe this because they keep peoples phones records,they watch what you do, and they listen to private conversations. This is unconstitutional because our Fourth Amendment states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects of unreasonable searches and seizures.” The U.S constitution is being violated by the NSA because they keep all phone records, they listen to private conversations ,they also spy from mostly every camera and they even search through what people have done online. The topic I chose is NSA spying, NSA stands for national security agency, what they do is watch over people in…show more content…
According to,“Obama thinks people should not worry about this. A presenatal spokesmen accused that surveillance program is a critical tool to help protect the nation.”According to,“NSA said that any allegations that is operating outside of its authorities and knowingly violating us and personal libraries is false.” According to WashingtonPost, “officials say they do not purposely collect U.S phone locations, they have swept up incidentally.” These examples show that the NSA spying can save people's lives and prevent future terrorist attacks. This shows that the NSA doesn't spy on people on purpose. This also shows the NSA denying violating people's liberties. This is important because the more people we have living the better the society. This is important because people should know the NSA does not mean to spy on the

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