Essay On Nacirema Culture

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Ritual is one of the elements that make a society. The Nacirema culture is based on a highly developed economic market and from a rich natural habit. This article give us a sense of understanding of how privilege us as Americans can be. The core of these stranger activities is special. It reflects people’s spirit, health, appearance, and body. All of the key words are spelled backwards to let readers think this is a new group of people that far away from our life. In order to understand people from different sociological background, one must think outside the box that is America’s way of viewing things. 3. Describe the 3 activities or behaviors seen in this culture that you found to be the strangest. (Minimum of 150 words.) People in this culture care about their appearance and think the body is ugly. They think the body is natural to be weak and sick for some reasons. Since these bad elements are in their bodies, people in this culture tend to combine some mysterious and powerful force and ritual ceremonial to dispel these weaknesses. The “holy-mouth-men” is important in Nacirema’s culture. People in this culture have a special emotion with their mouths. They believe that if they do not hold the ceremony for their teeth, their teeth would fall out and their jaws shrink. They also believe that their teeth can…show more content…
I think this article is still relevant today is because people can understand how different perspectives can lead different views. In the past, people believed that some sorcery could help them overcome difficulties and solve questions. The ritual activities are described in a very different way so that the reader could not realize that these activities happed in their daily life. After reading the article, the readers may have different attitude about this tribe because the reader and the Nacirema are dissimilar. People need to understand that science is not an unalterable principle, and it is based on
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