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The Swiss- made India The ‘Switzerland of the East’, the sixteenth state of the Indian subcontinent was formed on 1st December 1963. Any guesses for this exquisitely vibrant picturesque landscape of country? Yes, you are right, it is or very own Nagaland. A state that shares its boundaries with Assam in the West, Myanmar on the East, Arunachal Pradesh on its North and Manipur in the South. Nagaland is home to 16 major tribes and other sub tribes. Just imagine the diversity in its culture, food and cuisines, festivitites and living. Nagaland has 11 administrative districts. Each tribe has its own rituals, dress and language. The culture of the state reflects in the songs, music and the dance. Each of 16 tribes and sub tribes have unique personality.…show more content…
Nagaland is blessed with a moderate, calm, pleasant climate all through out the year. Wish to go on a vacation? Pack your bags, grab a meal, come to this serene, tension- free state to experience natural abode to paradise! Nagaland has lots to offer for the adventure junkies as well. It has some great trekking and camping options with some outdoor adventure activities. Slip into your boots, dump your essentials into the backpack and plan a trip here to satisfy that adrenaline rush. The verdant sub tropical rain forest has many medicinal herbs hidden inside the dense green cover. The people of Ngaland are referred to as ‘Nagas’. Nagas believe that life is one long festival and thus cherish, rejoice each festival with rituals, sweets, music and dance. Before you wish to step into Nagaland, make sure you’ve completed the following formailities. The domestic tourists require to obtain Inner Line Permit (ILP) which are issued at a nominal price for thirty days. As for the foreign nationals, Protected Area Permit (PAP) will take care of their stay for 30 days. Nagaland is well connected by different means of transport- air, rail and

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