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For my science fair project, I will be doing the naked egg project. A “naked egg” is an egg that has no shell. During this procedure, a chemical reaction between the egg shell and vinegar occurs. The vinegar eats away or dissolves the eggshell and leaves the inside of the egg intact and in the shape of the shell. A video I viewed of this experiment stated that after it eats the shell away, the egg could turn out to be rubbery, kind of like a bouncey ball. Due to history and past experimentation, the experiment of the naked egg illustrates the concepts of chemistry.
The process to make a naked egg is very simple. Place your egg in a cup and carefully fill the cup with vinegar. Make sure that you completely cover the egg with vinegar. If the egg begins to float, be sure to have enough vinegar in the cup to mostly cover the egg. Once this is done you will have to wait for the acetic acid in the vinegar to react with the calcium on the egg shell. You will begin to see bubbles begin to form on the egg shell. These bubbles are made because the reaction is causing carbon dioxide to be released. For a good portion of the shell to be removed, you will have to wait approximately 12-24 hours. You will know when you are making good progress when there is a white frothy scummy layer on the top of the vinegar. Next, you will be able to remove the egg after a day of being soaked in the vinegar. You may want to pour the vinegar into another cup and catch the egg in your hand. Trying to dig the
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I will test the experiment to observe the process of osmosis. The membrane of the egg will all that will be left once the egg has been soaked in vinegar for the significant amount of time. After viewing a video over the experiment and reading on the background and science of it, I will understand why everything happens the way it does. This chemistry experiment has many learning experiences behind it that I will
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