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2. Analyzing and Evaluating Implications of the Internal Environment Companies use the VRIOS framework as a tool to analyze its resources and capabilities internally. By understanding these resources and capabilities clearly, it can identify strategic areas that makes the company distinctive, valued and to maintain its competitive advantage. By “completing this analysis, Nando’s can strategically action whether to: • Defend the current means of value-creation. • Increase the advantage gained from these means. • Enhance further the value-creating capabilities of the enterprise”. (Pitt & Koufopoulos, 2012:138) RBV - VRIOS Framework * NOTE Value When viewing the VRIOS framework table 1 above, key components have been listed that provides the company with great value. Ultimately, as the CEO constantly echoes, it’s the people that make the chicken and this highlight the appreciation and how much they value their employees and outsourced stakeholders considerably which are core components to the success of the business. Brand reputation and creditability is very…show more content…
Additionally, providing a healthier eating option with unique bastings and patented sauces that’s difficult to imitate will prove to be a competitive advantage for the company. Nando’s has a very good advertising presence due to their humorous campaigns structured towards current affairs and political issues in the country it operates. Though at times somewhat controversial, they still attract many viewers to these ad campaigns and soon thereafter to their brick and mortar chain of restaurants. Caution should be taken here not to venture to far across the lines when creating these ads. Nando’s also has a very good relationship with surrounding the communities it serves in relation to its corporate social responsible programs and investment

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