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What would you do if you were tinier than 1 grain of cinnamon? Nanotechnology is technology at a nanoscale. It’s the science of manipulating items on a molecular scale, mostly to build microscopic devices. It is made up of super tiny particles that are made of gold atoms that are a third of a nanometer in diameter. Nanotechnology has lots of different uses and some people believe that it’s good and others oppose it. In my opinion, I believe that it is used well in many different ways. The technology of nanoparticles is used in many unlike things like cancer treatment, sports, clothing, food and many more. Nanotechnology has many great effects when it comes to sports and other ideas. Nanotechnology has a large impact on almost all sports. In sports, it helps make equipment easier and better to use. We can see it in practically all sports equipment.…show more content…
You probably haven’t so what would’ve happened would be that it 's “lifespan” would be shorter; it would break very easily, makes the rackets heavier, have more static electricity, and would have to hit harder and stronger when the ball is thrown at you. Also in tennis, nanotechnology is used to increase the strength of tennis rackets by adding carbon nanotubes to the frames, which increases control and power when the ball is hit. Nanocyl carbon nanotubes are not only added to tennis rackets to stiffen the racket but are also used to increase the power. They are also used for other sports such as golf balls and golf clubs. Luckily for the world, we have nanotechnology to make life easier, more fun, 22% easier for people to hit, and still have some energy after a tennis game. In addition, tennis balls have nano-clay lining as a barrier material which keeps air in tennis balls, so they’ll last longer. In my opinion, this makes tennis easier so you can play it longer to get more exercise, but not too long to have your arm get too

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