Essay On Napoleon And Snowball's Rise To Power

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Describe the changes that occur as evidence of the increasing power of the leaders. The changes that occur during the story that describe its’ increase in power can be shown as the pigs themselves rise to power which would soon lead to the corruption that would sum up everything this story leading up too. Soon after the rebellion the pigs take it upon themselves that they are the brains of group and should lead the farm so that they could all survive. Two pigs rise to power which are Napoleon and Snowball. You could say there was a power struggle between them but Napoleon came out on top with getting rid of Snowball. Now with Napoleon being leader and corruption is now more evident because before he more subtle with things around Snowball for example when Mollie was seen that a man was stroking her face. Clover asks her about this forbidden act and three days later disappears.

Something else to incorporate as their power rises is to make everyone else
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After the rebellion, to illustrate, Snowball gives lessons on reading and writing which were shown as a “great success.” As a result it took some time for the animals to be somewhat literate in a way since some may catch on than other like for example pigs, known for being smart had the upperhand when came to literacy. Most of the animals were interested in learning just for reading the Seven Commandments. What participation they had in meetings and such can be reflected the overall growth the farm had. But sadly enough disunity becomes a source among the animals. The pigs which are known for being smart and all are now using that intelligence they have to subdue the other animals without them knowing about

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