Essay On National Identity

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A national identity is crucial for a nation’s growth and development on the global stage, it is more than just a symbol or flag of a nation, it is what differentiates the people from the many different nations and creates a sense of belonging for its citizens. A national identity is built upon its people and is heavily reliant on the nation’s culture and heritage. It grows together with the nation and develops a distinct character of it own through time. As a young nation, Singapore seems to be having an identity crisis, causing it to be indistinct and unclear. As Singapore continues developing and changing to fit into the world stage to better serve as a financial hub, we have become a globalized city. Due to many reasons, the country begins to lose its identity and its people begin to question if there is even one to begin with in a…show more content…
As of now, we do have an identity - but it is one that is shaky, globalized and hard to distinct when appearing on the global stage. As quoted by Singapore’s former president Nathan, he said that Singaporeans face a common problem of identifying themselves when overseas. “We have to say ‘yes I’m Chinese but I’m Singaporean, yes I’m Indian but I’m Singaporean, yes I’m Malay but I’m Singaporean. ' These things override us. And it will take a long time for this Singaporean identity, this unique Singaporean identity to develop,” (S.R Nathan, 2012)

As a young nation that is constantly developing, there is a need for Singapore to separate themselves from the crowd of influence. A strong identity is built upon a nation’s culture and heritage and takes time to develop. This young nation needs way more experience in order to foster stronger bonds between the people and enrich its culture to form a unique
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