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States that exist in the contemporary world are either carved out of former alliances and disintegration of large units like the British Empire or the USSR or they were made on geographical basis overtime. Developed nations entail western countries mostly; the European Union, Britain or America are economically dominating whereas the underdeveloped nations struggle to cope up at similar pace with the developed world. Among the major issues with today’s world is nation building and state building. Institutional architecture of a state plays a vital role in its transformation into a functional and progressive entity. For a nation to become rich and pursue success, economic stability along with stronger institutions is required. For such stronger institutional cooperation, National Integration is necessary. National integration is the key player in determining the institutional and political strength of a country. For example: If there are secessionist movements and inter provincial civil wars being fought in a…show more content…
Ethnic, linguistic, religious, nationalistic and political cleavages have always existed in Pakistan. State building crisis continued to flourish due to incompetent leaders at large. If we talk about Pakistan in more detail and as far as state scope is concerned it is minimal state and again state struggle is not enough. Mentioned below are some major challenges to national integration in Pakistan: 1. Ethnic disputes like Shiya Sunni hostility, extermination of Hazara community of Baluchistan 2. Political Consensus between provinces on major constitutional and political issues. Kala Bagh Dam is another example. 3. Unjust distribution of resources by keeping some part of the country, highly underdeveloped like Balochistan. 4. Budgetary issues like budget distribution between provinces and NFC award. 5. Water issues; KPK and Balochistan accuses Punjab of stealing their

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