Essay On Nationalism

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Historians are blaming nationalism which led to the outbreak of the Great War in 1914. international stability by 1914 was Serbian. Doubtless Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary would have agreed. Yet was Serb nationalism really so significant? What is nationalism? Nationalism is when a nation's people are loyal to their country especially when It comes to war. Some countries like France use men, women, boy, girls and the elderly to do some kind of job. Men, they fight in war, Women make clothes, etc. Children, bring the men supplies or help the women; elderly, watch over the children, help out, etc. Since everyone was loyal to their nation's that means that no one would betray their nations and with everyone on their nation's side,…show more content…
Firstly, Germany was broken up into several different states, as was Italy. This allowed for foreign interference, conquests, and wars in both countries – and nationalism was succeeded within all of the states. On the eighteenth of January, 1871, both Italy and Germany combined their states. This was a cause of confusion as the alliance of these nations, particularly Germany, greatly disturbed the balance of power in central Europe – replacing dozens of small states into large, unified and aggressive countries. Germany instantly began to expand as a progressive nation – especially in the fields of political, economic, and military factors. This resulted in greatly alarming neighboring nations, such as France; which was still seeking to avenge defeat of the Franco-Prussian War. The neighboring countries reacted in two ways; by forming military allies and alliances. After the two decades following the Franco-Prussian War, alliances had been sustained and for the most part kept neutral by Bismarck. However, after being kept steady, the opportunity became available, and France seized to ally with Russia – as both feared German expansion, aware that any move by Germany, either east or west, could result in war. Additionally, Germany was also insecure, realizing that it was in danger of facing attack from France and Russia, from two different directions at the same
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