Essay On Native American Boarding School

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“The significance of Native American boarding school was that Americans were trying to assimilate their culture and their way of living.” Many Native Americans today have very different opinions to how their people were placed in Indian boarding school. “Many Native Americans think that it helped their people be more civilized and help them live in american ways.”While other Native Americans think that boarding schools were a place where they were torchered and a place where they lost their freedom and their culture. “Most people agree that Indian Boarding schools were just trying to help indians be more civilized, but others can see the wrong in the schools.” Boarding schools first started in 1870. A army officer named Richard Pratt was the…show more content…
The location was a temporary building at the time. Until in April 1891 the government purchased a land called the Hatch Ranch it was located three miles north of the city on Center street. “They purchased the land with the help of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and with the help of citizens that raised 3,000 dollars.” The government took the title of the property and began constructing the girls dormitory that cost 18,000 dollars. The whole Phoenix Indian Boarding school was about 240 acres of field. Over the first two years seven buildings and several outhouses and sheds and a school farm formed. The farm had horses,fine cows, hogs, and chickens. “The farm served purpose to teach young indians how farm and how to work labor.” The land that surrounded the building back then were more buildings that educated indians and where for activities. Some of the buildings were dormitories, bathrooms, laundry room, hospital, and a jail. Over the years few years the was less empty. The last building plan project was in 1988. In the end the land had more dormitories, a gymnasium, elementary building, junior high school, a field for sports, and a bigger hospital. Right now the building has a memorial hall, a band room, a fountain in the middle and many other
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