Essay On Native American Colonization

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The Native American population in California flourished in the years; however the European colonization upon Native Americans during these time periods forever changed the lives and cultures of the Native people. Hunting, fishing, and fertile land were very abundant for the Native Americans. Unfortunately the population soon became ravaged by disease, warfare, displacement, and the European’s attempt to demolish all aspects of Native American life. As the Native Americans encountered the European explorers and mission Padres, the first effects of colonization corroded the Native American life and left damage that would be difficult to undo. The impact of the European colonization is evident in the drastic decline in the Native American population in California. During the Mission period it was estimated that there were more than 300,000 Native Americans in California during the beginning of the Mission period, but the missions created high death rates and low birth rates due devastating factors that were introduced to the Native population (Paddison). Native Americans died daily of disease, infection, and…show more content…
The Californio society was the transfer of economic resources from missions, which went to the Californios and mainly white settlers. Life on the ranchero was not as brutal as it was living on a mission, however they were still laborers. The Californios’ rancheros took over more of the Native American land and soon the settlers began to as well. These settlers came from the Eastern states and would kill any animal that was not theirs on their property, including man, woman, or child they saw as trespassers. The settlers believed that they were more superior than the Native Americans and more civilized. Native Americans found themselves at the bottom of the social ladder with a population that was rapidly declining and struggling to keep their true culture
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