Essay On Native American Diseases

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Diseases: Even though through the Columbian Exchange we were able to gain many great materials and much knowledge about the other people who occupy our planet, many diseases where transferred to the Native Americans. Native Americans had not had the chance to gain an immunity to the different diseases that the Europeans had already come in contact with. This caused major issues when death started to treat the Native Americans like a close friend. Arrival and Introduction: Christopher Columbus, a great discoverer and also a carrier of diseases not known to almost wipe out a race. Estimated that diseases of the Old World hit the New World by 1518 by the Spanish (they refuse to claim it their fault through, even though all evidence points to them),and…show more content…
Even though it has been eradicated, it still posed a huge threat to the Native Americans 500 years ago. This disease not only eventually killed it also caused blindness and disfigured many. Even though the disease hurt humans it is actually believed to have originated from either cows or monkeys, some even claim it was brought over from Africa by slaves. Even though early Europeans didn’t understand the disease that well, but they knew quarintation would be necessary, and put that method to use. Even though small pox helped Europeans fight over land, gold, and women, it was only recorded to once be used on purpose. Lord Jeffrey Amherst, gave blankets as gifts to the Natives without their knowing of the disease that was waiting to attack their unprepared immune system. Vice Versa While the Americas suffered a great loss due to disease transferred by the Europeans, Europe was introduced to Syphilis (S.T.D.). I find this a tad ironic due to the fact that Europeans infected the Native Americans, then the Native Americans then affected the Europeans through the women they stole. “The Pox” as Europeans called syphilis, spread through Europe slowly then about as fast as the diseases in the New World did. When sores would occur on the genital area mercury and guaiacum were used as a remedy. This S.T.D. soon calmed down and became part of our
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