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Native Americans Events in History and Current Events The Native American culture has always been very fascinating to me. There art and crafts items are very beautiful and interesting and the history that is behind every artifact. Even in now some days the Native Americans have been treated unfairly with their land. It’s like if the Native Americans were living back in the 1800s because of the way there being treated taking their land and moving them to different parts of the United States. You even hear in the news that protest go on because companies want their land to build buildings or pass a pipeline through their land as well. Through careful consideration the Native Americans have never backdown from protecting their people and land. …show more content…

The Native Americans were treated very cruelly and scornfully by white settlers and the American Government. The white settlers and the Government did not show any slight altruism towards the Native Americans' and therefore took their land by force by cheating them through treaties or relinquishing them off with soldiers or after battles. The Trail of Tears was a devastating event that occurred in the 1830's and an example of a grueling era. In 1830 The Indian Removal Act was passed by the authorization of president Andrew Jackson.” Five Civilized Tribes, the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole. Some people rejected the idea and did not feel it was right to support the Indian Removal Act. But the actions caused by that where very harsh and taken very badly for the Native Americans. Even all the people in the south were for it and it wasn’t even alright for the Native Americans. “The New Echta treaty was used to expel 1,700 Cherokee's from their Southern homelands. In the winter of 1838- 1839, 14,000 sauntered 1.200 miles through Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas into Indian land. Also, primarily, 4,000 men, woman, and children died from disease, exposure to extreme conditions, and hunger. It is now remembered as The Trail of Tears”. (“How-the-Native-Americans-Were-Treated-In-The-1800 -

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