Essay On Native American Gender Roles

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For writing assignment one I discussed the Native Americans role during the colonial world, and how the divisions of power gradually led to the collapse of the Native American nations throughout the United States. For this paper I was asked to discuss the top five most significant or surprising factors. For me they were gender roles for eastern tribes, the gradual dependency on fur trades, and their use as pawns for the American Revolution, the death toll from the revolution and then lastly the American commissioner’s ideals of rights of conquest for land accommodations. Gender roles for eastern tribes came to me as a surprise, mainly because I never really thought about them. The fact that women held certain statuses because of the child barring, and were from whom…show more content…
Because of the introduction European steel, weapons and cloth many traditional craft skills were lost over a generation. The result was the loss of a culture and yet another tool for Colonial America to control Native Americans. The French and English war early on and then the American Revolution are good examples of how Native American dependency on trade goods and competition for said goods, were utilized in order to manipulate them into battles for both European powers. The fact that the Native American’s allowed themselves to be abused in such manner gives credence to the fact that they were too dependent on European customs assimilated into their lifestyles. Their role in the war according to Calloway (2012) is forced because of the land hunger of American settlers, and the fact that a distant king is less of a threat (p.223). However much American land accumulation may have been, a large part of their decision still would have revolved around their lack of craft skills to maintain their new livelihood as
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