Narrative Essay On Aliens

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I was born and raised in California. I have Native American ancestry. I live in a paranormal world every day. In this world, there are dragons, fairies, angels, unicorns, spirits, little people, wolves, vampires, witches, and UFOs, which I believe are biblical aliens. They are shape-shifters -they shape into any object. The different races of aliens are the Kemens, the Yemens, the Grays, and another -I couldn’t make out the name.

There is a war going on right now over there, and some volcanoes are about to erupt. There are a lot of holes in our sky, and we are parallel to the aliens. They are like us. They understand English and speak it, and I’m sure they understand every language. They use their language as the old Roman language.

Treaties are made there -the aliens showed me, and they are real. Their planet has a shape of a man working with a hammer on it. It reminds me of our moon, how we have a shape of a man in the moon. They are into saving our lives and being reborn. They have something to do with the Anunnaki. They still use flying carriages; they use horses and wagons still. They showed me this with the photos and some goddesses, which I think are half gods. I believe they helped make the pyramids, from what they showed me.

Our astronauts said they were
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I still am trying to understand what comes my way. I am the youngest of four children. One sister and one brother passed away at a young age. I was born and raised in Orange County, California, in a little city called Santa Ana, where everyone is somehow connected to everyone else -at least that’s what I’ve noticed when I’ve checked out my family history. I am a Native American and have always been very intrigued with other worlds. I have always heard stories from my family about UFOs but never really read much about them. It just seems exciting to hear of them. At family weddings, we ask our uncles to tell us
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