Essay On Native American Injustice

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Native American Injustice 109. That’s the number of Native American tribes in California. One tribe that is unique to all the others is the Redding Rancheria. In Redding Rancheria, there are 3 tribes, Wintu, Yana, and Pit River. These tribes have been dealing with injustices for a very long time. A lot of them have been solved, but some are still occurring. However, Redding Rancheria is not the only tribe to be treated badly, tribes all over America have experienced the same things. Redding Rancheria is a tribe in Redding, California. The Redding Rancheria’s land was purchased in 1922 (“Redding Rancheria Tribal History”). It was used for homeless Indians from the Wintu, Yana, and Pit River tribe to camp and live (“Redding Rancheria Tribal History”). Everybody on the land worked together and helped out. They planted gardens, got water…show more content…
Miners looked at Native American as “obstacles”, so they raided and burned their villages ( Welcome to the Shata County, Californiahistorysite). The miners would also destroy their food supplies ( Welcome to the Shata County, Californiahistorysite). Indians had no civil rights; if one indian stood up for themselves, then they would be murdered. Miners would kill indians just to get rid of them ( Welcome to the Shata County, Californiahistorysite). After some time, miners began to settle on the land, permanently (( Welcome to the Shata County, Californiahistorysite). This was driving the indians off the land. Indians were not respected at all. Injustice to Native Americans still happens today, and not just to Californian tribes. Native Americans have to deal with many injustices. Violence against women, health care, education, and many other things. Although some injustices have been solved, many are still occurring. Native Americans are not
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