Is It Offencive For Sports Teams To Use Native American Names And Mascots?

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Is it offencive for sport teams to use Native American names and mascots?
Is it really that bad to have a Native American name for a sports teams? Do you think that it is racist? Having a team with a Native American name is not a bad thing. If you have a teams named after specific Nationality group, like the Indians, then that would be splendid because the Indians were feared people, it’s an honor for the Indians, and it would help the Americans remember the Native Americans. I think that it would be a splendid thing to have your team or any team named after Indians because they were people who were feared. If the team with the Indian name was playing a team with a name called the bunnies, or any team with a name that sounded like they were not very strong, then you could just be afraid of their name. Another reason that it would be splendid to have any team named after Indians is because they are powerful people. Back when Louis and Clark explored the land west of the United States, the Indians were a very big help in making that expedition successful. The Indians are also very brave, which could help the team be more brave, maybe if they had a big game coming up and they were a
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Well, a Native American tribes chairman named James Billie said, “We seminoles embrace the mascot, They honor us”(“Insult”). This means that this Indian group likes the mascot. Also, having a team named after Native Americans is supposed to be a positive thing, and it should also be a privilege. Why I say that is because not everyone can have a team named after them. They should be happy that they have a well know, or pro sports team name after them. The privileges of having a pro sports teams named after you are, not everyone gets to have a pro or well know sports team named after them, they can help be remembered by having people watching a team with an Indian name maybe almost every week, and there are many more

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