Essay On Native American Settlement

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Long before the European settlements, the difference in religion and culture was a very important part of the landscape of America. This land was called the “new world”. The indigenous peoples were separated by language, landscape, culture, and ritual practices. Hurons and Iroquois were neighboring groups that were entrenched in rivalry. Other neighboring groups in the nation later formed with the Iroquois or the Hurons group. With this, the government was labeled as a sophisticated form and that enable them to live in peace even thought there were tribal differences. Ancient communities of Native people lie along the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and they developed ceremonial centers and complex settlement. Europeans arrived in the Americas…show more content…
French Catholics occupied the Great lakes region, East Canada, New York, and, after a while, the Mississippi Delta. European missionaries were to spread Christianity; they offered natives an opportunity to be “saved”. “In the context of the often brutal treatment of Native peoples by early Spanish conquistadors, many missionaries saw themselves as siding compassionately and protectively with the indigenous peoples.” In addition, Pope Paul III stated that Indians were not to be killed or enslaved; they were capable of salvation in 1537. This enlightened everyone perspective of indigenous people and this means that catholic missionaries successes in their tasks. Missionaries, who live among the Indians, left letters to give people a sense of “concern” that many held for tribal peoples. Franciscan Escalona wrote a letter criticizing the anger towards the Indians which committed by a Spanish governor of present-day New Mexico. Franciscan wrote how the governor’s cruelty toward everyone made Gospel preaching impossible. During the sixteenth century, even more people from England arrived and they also brought many expression of Protestant Christianity to the new world. There are new explorers though, Puritans. They are those who are in search of “religious
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