Red River War

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The Native American tribes and the United States have a very long and devastating past. The english came from overseas and started taking the Natives land which they didn’t like. The Colonies did barter with some tribes, but fought for territory with most other tribes. The French even became allies with the Natives to try to defeat us in war. We befriended the Cherokee and a couple other dangerous tribes though in defence of their tactics. In the American war many of the Natives sided with the British to try and defeat the colonists and regain their lands. In this time western Pennsylvania and New York became savage battlegrounds. After the defeat of the British the newly set boundaries for America ensured that their would be more and more…show more content…
Stand Waite who was one of the tribe leaders chose to stay with the confederacy down to the last man. Colorado volunteers slaughtered over 200 Black Kettle Cheyennes even knowing the Cheyennes were willing to come to an agreement with the government. The Red River War was were the Natives were truly broken in 1874-1875. This war was were some of the major battles ensued. Just like the battle of Washita which was a very bloody battle that was more of a slaughter than a battle. They destroyed native food supplies, lodging and even killed the natives horses. Ranald Mackenzie's slaughter of over 1000 native american ponies was considered overkill and a waste of resources. The Sioux, Cheyenne, and even the Arapahos pushed the northerners out of the Dakotas, but the rumors of gold in North Dakota cause the whites expansion to explode to the Dakotas. This caused the natives to be forced out of their home or killed. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were among those in the battle of Little Bighorn in the…show more content…
New technological advantages often gave the whites the upper hand. Although the natives got their hands on repeating weapons such as the lever action. These technological advantages often backfired on the whites/calvary. The reason for this is because of native raids on transport carriages and supply routes. At this point in the mid 1880’s the native/American wars were basically over due to the calvary advantages. The calvary went on what some people called an extinction event and told all the tribes in America that they would either be sent to reservations or be killed. The bad thing of these battles and wars is that the number of noncombatants that were killed. There were more women and children that were killed on both sides than there were of actual combatants. This is sad because the women and children shouldn’t have been a part of this war yet they were in it more than the fighters
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