Essay On Native English As A Global Language

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Language, sociolinguistic diversity and gender
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The Future of Native English as a Global Language Challenged:
Language Contact and the Birth of New Englishes

English occupies today and important role of communication worldwide in serious political, economic, educational, and scientific sittings and exchanges, as it is the path or bridge in casual discussions and relationship building among people who speak divergent or different languages, let alone, the business markets which give more priorities and advantages to people who master English in addition to the official and/or their first foreign languages. This crucial and great position of English in today’s world has been the result and the fruit of different historical processes, starting from the British colonial policy, globalization, to the considerable economic and political positions of the two native English speaking blocs that are Great Britain and the United States of America.

Accordingly, ethnologue 2014 statistics show that around 505,000,000 people worldwide use English as a second language (L2), while more than 1,500,000 of L2 users live in the United Kingdom itself; and only 55, 600, 00 people are native users of English (L)1 in the United Kingdom which shows
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