Essay On Naturalism In American Literature

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Chapter Two: Twentieth Century American Society, Painting, and Literature Introduction The continuous waves of European immigrants coming to the United States in the early 20th century brought massive industrial, economic, social and cultural changes to the country. The United States transformed into a giant Melting Pot. This led to the fast and increasing growth and prosperity of America. On the other hand, a different category of people suffering from poverty and harsh conditions came to the surface as well. Europeans who where fledging religious difficulties and persecutions, Africans who dreamt of gold others who reached their arms to their glittering dreams because they believed that America was the land of industrialization, development…show more content…
One can consider Naturalism to be a specialized variety of Realism as many writers are seen as both Realist and Naturalist. However, it would be more correct to point out that all Naturalistic fiction is Realist, but not all Realistic fiction is Naturalist. Although naturalism is similar to realism, the former goes beyond presenting reality as it is, into seeking explanation to the human behavior. One of the dominant themes in Naturalist literature is the idea that individuals are the products of their environment, social conditions, and heredity. It is a movements that believes that the human being has no free will and that his controlled by powers beyond his existence. Naturalist's production tends to see the humans as victims of biological features. It is mainly affected by Darwinian Theories. Based on these factors, the character's life is unavoidably shaped. That is to say those naturalist writers identify the underlying causes for a character's action or beliefs. Moreover, they tend to believe that there is no such kind of free will or notion of change in life's
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