Essay On Naturalism

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Naturalism Essay Naturalism is a concept that comes from philosophical ideas that say everything occurs due to natural causes and that spirituality or supernatural effects don't play a role in our existence. Naturalism is the idea that existence is meaningless, or that everything is hopeless. Naturalism is very anti religion and most people that believe in this idea are either atheists or diest. In terms of literature Naturalism is that our existence starts from nature. Naturalist’s stories are written in the natural state of mankind. Naturalism supports the idea that we become what society makes us. Naturalism says that god does not affect human affairs. When the naturalist perspective is used to answer philosophical questions, such as what…show more content…
This is a show where the world is overtaken by zombies, and a group of people tries to survive in the world that is in ruins. Even though this show has supernatural ideas present within it, it still real to the character in the show, therefore, the characters live through something that is very real to them and have use survival of the fittest concepts to survive. Naturalism is an idea that has determinism as an aspect, present in this philosophy. Determinism means that there are outside causes or forces that cannot be controlled by the person. This very idea exists in the walking dead. Another reason why this particular show is an example of naturalism is because survival is based on instinct. Instinct is something that comes from natural aspects and human kinds natural state, before being affected by society or surroundings. Also another way that this show can be considered naturalist like, is that no one decides who gets infected by disease. Nature just takes its course and whoever is infected is infected. This is an example of how everyone is equal until society decides who is higher and more important than others. All of this shows naturalist aspects and ideas of naturalism that still exist today and in this particular example are portrayed through a popular pop culture
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