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Nature of Gamification
Gamification is making a task in the workplace have the same psychological experiences as games generally do. Deterding (2011) said that “Gamification” is an informal umbrella term for the use of video game elements in non-gaming systems to improve user experience (UX) and user engagement. The introduction of ‘gamified’ applications to large audiences promises new additions to the existing rich and diverse research on the heuristics, design patterns and dynamics of games and game-based systems the positive UX they provide in non-gaming systems.” Gamification is used by companies to do tasks and at the same time improve and motivate the employee’s performance. Hamari () stated that, “Context of gamification refers to
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(…)According to a majority of the reviewed studies, gamification does produce positive effects and benefits. (…) Answering the question posed in title of the paper, “Does gamification work?” the literature review suggests that, indeed, gamification does work, but some caveats exist.” The majority of the reviewed studies did yield positive effects/results from gamification. The review indicates that gamification provides positive effects; however, the effects are greatly dependent on the context in which the gamification is being implemented, as well as on the users using it. Over the years that have passed, gamification became a trend and because of these, several studies were made if gamification is really an effective motivational factor.
Hamari decided to make a review of 24 empirical studies about the effectiveness of gamification. Most of the studies contained the question: “Does gamification work?”. After the research and review, Hamari and Sarsa concluded that gamification really works since all of the 24 studies that they reviewed revealed that gamification is effective, but it may vary depending on who are the users and how they will comprehend the

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