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SCOPE AND RATIONALE : In this research, I would be analyzing the reason for increase in water pollution both global and locally. How this pollution affects our life; why people don’t care about preserving this precious Natural resource and what are we doing/treating it now. I personally, want to know how an individual can do to protect our planet against all this pollution. INTRODUCTION: Water is life, with almost 70% of the earth’s cover being water; it undeniably becomes one of our greatest resources. But the heart-rending news is that today, it’s Infested with waste ranging from floating plastic bags to chemical waste, our water bodies have turned into a pool of poison. The abuse of lakes, ponds, oceans, rivers, reservoirs etc is water…show more content…
8 pours 250,000 kg/day of chlorides into the Yamuna to raise the chloride concentration in the river from 32 mg per litre just upstream of the drain confluence to 150 mg per litre just downstream of it. And most of these chlorides are from agricultural return flows. Religious faith and social practices also add to pollution of our river waters. Carcasses of cattle and other animals are disposed in the rivers. All this is done as a matter of religious faith and in keeping with ancient rituals. These practices pollute the river water and adversely affect the water quality. Studies have revealed that the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) goes up drastically when thousands of people simultaneously take a ‘holy dip’. Religious practices also demand that offerings from a puja be immersed in a river. It is now common to see people immersing offerings in plastic bags. Plastic bags are very dangerous and further add to the pollution load of the river. PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE I sometimes, feel that nothing will happen. No one will care about pollution because the world will try to copy futuristic movie technologies and that’s pretty bad in a way that we risk to lose the

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