Nature Vs Nurture In Child Development Essay

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During this assignment, I will be discussing how a child or young person's development can be affected by their nature and their nurture. Our nature is what biological make-up we inherited from our parents, whether the pigmentation of our hair or inherited diseases. Our nurture is the upbringing we had as a child, what we were taught from our parents, right from wrong, and our morals. These key issues are important when considering a child or young person's development, as both their nature and nurture has affected and influenced their development. Within settings, the Nature Vs Nurture debate could affect the practice. If a practitioner believed that we were formed purely from our genetics, then they might think that any bad habits we have can not be changed. Where as a practitioners who think that its within the nurture, might try to get us out of these bad habits, whether this is not washing our hands or not having good manners. I personally believe that we are all influences through a mixture of these methods, where as some people believe its either or. Our genetic make-up forms the foundation of who we are, and from this, we use our experiences and our nurture to further develop our selves. The Nature Vs Nurture debate is very relevant for a child's development, as they only contribute towards so much of their…show more content…
A child's nature can affect their physical development, however it is only if they have specific genes. For example, if they had a gene for poor muscle development, then they are more likely to take more time to produce muscle, and so it will cause for a slower physical development. The nature of a child can affect their social development, this is supported by Aristotle, (accessed 04/12/2017), "Man is by nature a social animal" evolutionary, we have been programmed to be with others of our kind, from when we were Neanderthals, to the present

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