Essay On Navajo Culture

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An ancient culture and a imperium nation, living in the same area, but with no connection to each other 's life. I believe there is a cultural difference between the Navajo and Americans because they block each other out of the nation 's borders. Because of the lack of jobs available, lack of technology, and different religion, the Navajo nation is very separate from the rest of the US. Jobs, everyone has one who is over the age of 25, right? With 5.9 million jobs available in the US, only 205 jobs are available in the Navajo nation. ( ( With not many people having money, and the price of electricity going up, the people of the Navajo can’t afford to…show more content…
What if you couldn’t afford to have any lights. The price of electricity is going up. “The Navajo coal plant’s lease is set to expire in 2019, pending complex negotiations aimed at extending operations until 2044. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations have complicated the plant’s future through so-called Regional Haze regulations, which were crafted to improve visibility and not curb pollution. In essence, the Navajo Nation and the region could lose a key source of economic prosperity to slightly improve tourists’ view of the Grand Canyon.” (Joseph Hammond, With the raising electricity prices, the Navajos aren’t able to use as much electricity. Not having electricity, blocks the Navajo from being able to do regular everyday things the average american does like text, snapchat, or post on social media. The religion is one of the main things that sets the Navajo apart. Their customs are not common in the rest of the US. Their ways are older and more traditional than a popular religion like christianity. The Navajo practice their own religion that is only practiced in the 27,413 mi² area of the Navajo Reserve. Things like the -healing hot tent thing- are seen as strange in the US, people don’t understand how that helps because it’s not apart of their religion so it seems pretty
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