Essay On Nazi Propaganda

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Among the other countries, Germany was certainly not the only one to use propaganda against the unwanted. Hitler’s hatred for the Jews influenced other countries to see propaganda. Hitler blamed the Jewish people for their loss of World War I, also for prolonging the war to gain wealth, and using the constitutional democracy to weaken the politics of the nation; and through the use of propaganda , he used the Jews as a scapegoat or as a group of people for germany's defeat in World War one. Hitler using propaganda convinced thousands of people that is was ok to kill countless Jews and many others. In the book the rize of the Nazis, it is stated “Goldhagen suggests that the nazi were expert propagandist, using their talents to convince ordinary germans that jews were the enemies of national socialism”the nazis were among the most sophisticated and innovative users of propaganda in history¨ The definition of propaganda is “ ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause¨ according to the website Propaganda use can be exploited through art,…show more content…
This particular propaganda convinced adults and kids that jews needed to be exterminated from Germany to reach its goals. Hitler set out to rid Germany of the Slavs, Romas, gays, jews, and others that did not fit his idea so he used propaganda to convince them of it ( the rise of the nazis 60 ). Hitler’s use of propaganda did not only effect the jews and unwanted, it, according to the book Tell Them We Remember the Story of the Holocaust, “ the executioners were ‘oridinary men’ who followed the orders of their commanding officers.” “ some killers drank heavily to dull their thoughts and feelings “ (susan d. Bachrach 43). In the same book it states that they would use certain words or phrases almost like codes to make themselves feel better about what their action is going to
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