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Neck Lift You may not be the first one to declare your distaste for your turkey wattle or turkey neck, but you certainly will not be the last. A neck that is long, smooth and elegant has always been a highly coveted feature for both men and women. If you look at glossy magazines, you will rarely ever see a model wearing a designer dress or a luxurious necklace without an elegant neck to go with it. Simply, a long, slender neck is the gold standard of a youthful appearance. Like the face, the neck is one of the first areas where the signs of aging appear. Fine lines begin to form; skin texture begins to roughen up or becomes uneven; and as gravity kicks in the, the skin begins to sag. Thankfully, these are the issues that a neck lift can correct,…show more content…
It tightens loose skin, improves abnormal contours due to the banding of the neck muscles, as well as removes excess skin and fat that create jowls in the neck. As neck lift is a major invasive surgery, preparations is key to make your surgery a success. A consultation with our top surgeons at Aesthetx will give you in-depth information and instructions to help you prepare for your surgery. You will also have a thorough medical evaluation with one of our plastic surgeons so we can provide a customized treatment plan suitable for your needs and desired goals. Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift Many people get a neck lift surgery for various reasons. An in-depth medical consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will provide you with a sure knowledge whether you are qualified for a neck lift surgery or not. In general, neck lift is suitable for individuals who have loose, excess skin on the neck due to aging, weight loss or heredity. The following are additional factors that may qualify you for a neck lift surgery. • Good overall health with no medical conditions that increase risks or impair

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