Essay On Negative Effects Of Bullying In Schools

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Negative Effects of Bullying in Schools
Deserie E. John
Ashworth College
March 4th, 2015

Have you ever been called hurtful names such as “fat, ugly, or stupid” on a daily basis? How did that make you feel? What if your child was constantly being told insensitive remarks which made him or her feel sad, scared or worthless? I stand here with mixed emotions, one, because every minute of every day someone is being bullied somewhere around the world, and two, it is my gratification to be speaking to an audience of such magnitude. To begin, I would like to share with you three ways by which being bullied in school can negatively affect children’s lives. Firstly, bullying can induce low self-esteem, secondly, bullying may lead to insomnia, and finally, bullying can prevent children from exceeding academically in school. Show by a raise of hands if you’ve experienced any of these as a result of bullying. Sad isn’t it? At this time, I will
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Low self esteem, nightmares and poor academic performances are only three of the countless negative issues resulting from such gruesome act. Other examples of these effects are suicidal tendencies, drug abuse and other self destructive behaviors. Henceforth, it is more dangerous than we may think. Imagine a scary dream you can’t wake up from, the constant terror that threads your life daily. Some of the horrors of bullying are clearly illustrated in movies such as “Mean Girls”, 2004, “Carrie, 2013” and “Cyberbully, 2015”. I challenge you today to educate others on the negative effects of bullying. I challenge you today to form clubs which will act as a support system for children who are bullied. I challenge you today to enforce rules in your schools which will help alleviate the horrible act of bullying. Let’s take a stance and uncover the ugly truth about bullying! Let’s pull the plug on this dreadful

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