Essay On Negative Effects Of Cell Phones

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Due to the strong development of technologies in the early 2000's, digital devices are growing in popularity and becoming an indispensable material for many people in their daily lives. While Smartphones, tablets or laptops bring plenty of easily accessible utilities for work, learning, and leisure entertainment, they impact human health negatively as a result. The cell phones cause many serious consequences such as physical pain and encouraging isolation from the community. Cell phones help people communicate and obtain information relatively quickly compared to the society before its creation. However, using it excessively will significantly impact one's health and behavior. The frequent use of mobile devices is one of the major causes of shoulder pain, sore neck and vision loss. According to the researcher, Kenneth Hansraj, "when phone users bow 60 degrees for a long time without the fulcrum, the lumbar spine, collarbone will…show more content…
Cell phones increase personal safety by providing an easy means of contacting others in an emergency. It has been said that "cell phones are like best friends," they can help release stress by watching videos and chatting with others. However, they aren't aware of what will happen after spending too much time on screen. People use phones more than normal, every 10 minutes per day, think of it as an addition to alcohol and drugs, it is sad to say, but it appears to be uncontrollable. Unfortunately, it is the truth that cell phones cause laziness in thinking and memory. People become so dependent on their phones that they have difficulty remembering words, or things, which increases laziness in thinking. As regards to the addiction, we should set a time limit for ourselves when using phones to better our health and lifestyle. In addition, we should use cell phones correctly, spend time one more useful things, and get more life experience with our own
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