Essay On Negative Effects Of Computer

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Computer is one of the current technologies which is an essential and necessary in every home nowadays because of many tasks and jobs must be done by using a computer. As we know, everything has their own pros and cons, same goes to computer. It influences most of generations with its applications and advantages especially youngsters and the addiction of it can give the negatives effects to people. Most of people only focus on the advantages of computer and they could not deny that computer is an advance technology which can help them shorten the tasks’ process time, help them to save many documents in its memory spaces, help them to keep in touch with each other and other benefits but as the good users, they are also need to concern and take note with the negative effects of computer too. There are a lot of computer effects to people nowadays including health risk, public safety and bad students’ behaviour. One of the major…show more content…
Computer users especially youngsters are tend to act aggressively and this bad behaviour can cause by increasing the duration of playing computer games in a day. (N.Tosun, 2014, pg. 209). This is because they tend to imitate and influence with the criminal actions seen on the screen. Parents’ guidance is the most important thing to overcome it. Furthermore, students also tend to neglect their studies by focus on applications and games in computer. It is not a big problem if students can differentiate between time for study and playing but the addiction of computer lead them to focus more on unimportant things. Poor performances at school are caused by spending too much time in front of computer (Kartha, 2010). This causes a lot of major problems in their academic performance such as less attention in class and get low grade in their examination. After all, teachers find the other initiative to attract students’ attention with online learning to overwhelm the grade
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