Positive And Negative Effects Of Football Essay

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The Negative things on Football
In this day of life there are multiple things in football that you can consider negative. The negative effects in football can either be really dangerous and cause a lot of medical problems or either they can cause you to lose your job, some of the effects may cause really bad injuries to make you unable to play football again. Most effects may not be that big of a deal due to the problems that they have had. These are some negative things in football , Health effects , Injuries, getting cut from the team and not having anything else to fall back on and drugs causing you to not be able to play. Those are the things I will be talking about , because they are the top negative effects of football.

Health effects is one of the top negative things that’s going on in the football world. In the National Football League, when Roger
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Drugs can be a big harm, because some of the drugs that you do may kill you or it may put you in the hospital and won’t be able to play and then if they find out what happen they might fine you and will have to pay money for the stuff you did. In the NFL all players must be tested once per league year during training camp for substances of abuse, including marijuana. Marijuana won’t be punished like other drugs. If the player is tested positive for marijuana or any other type of drugs or any other banned substances the player would be fined and will be suspended for a game or 2, and if it continues they will continue to fine you and you might not be able to play again. The commissioner has discretion over enhanced DUI bans, though a 1 game suspension or 2 game suspension without pay is the net standard for a first offense related to alcohol and operating a vehicle. Drugs that are big in the NFL are steroids, and painkillers. Doing drugs while playing PRO football isn’t a good idea because they can cause a lot of trouble and cause you to lose your

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