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Most people believe that media and society is a benefit rather than a consequence. Social media, television, video games are something most kids, teens, adults, and even elders do but don 't see that itś damaging. This is an unfortunate truth because research says otherwise. Media and social networking have a negative effect on society because of results it has on children, the outcome it has with violence, and the major impacts that stereotypes produce.
To start off, the results that media and society has a negative effect on children because of children losing creativity, media taking over a child 's life, and parents and children relationships being ruined because of it. For example, the internet encourages people to copy work of others. Children spend too much time
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In addition, “television can take over a child 's lives, causing obesity, social development issues, and even aggressive behavior.” (Pantley 1). Social media can easily take you from one cite, to another and three hours later you’ve only eaten four bags of chips, and have not left your room to see your parents, or go out with friends. Social media, and Television can easily expose young kids to adult films, which can have many negative effects.“Many children 's shows are animated versions of adult action films. Research shows that exposure to this type of programming increases risk of aggressive behavior and desensitizes children to violence”(Pantley 1). The next negative effect with children, and media, which is parent detachment. Parent detachment can be caused when your child simply doesn 't want to spend time with you, and would rather be playing video games, and watching television. Don 't get me wrong, video games is not bad as a whole, but when your child is spending 75% of his day playing, when he could be watching a family movie needs to be stopped. “Studies show

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