Negative Effects Of Smartphone

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Studies have shown that both adults and youths that overuse smartphones can have a negative impact on their communication skills. Because they are often spending time in using their smartphones and start living in a very solitary world where, interactions may occur only over text messages and other messenger services. Thereby, becoming less able to communicate appropriately and properly with other people. This may affect not just the culture and future generations but it can have great impact on the way people interact socially and work.
Financial Problems: Nowadays smartphone addiction seems to be just like an addiction of drugs or alcohol. It can have an adverse financial effect on a person’s life. Many people who started by the use of their phone and end up going over their usage limits in terms of minutes or data, leading them to pay off very large bills on a monthly basis
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Mind-Body Connect- The smartphone slavery leads to lot of neurological as well as psychological changes. Trying to focus on many tasks, for example using while driving if using smartphone then, it will adversely impact our mind-body coordination which is extremely unsafe. In order to concentrate or focus on one task, do engage in physical, mental & spiritual activities every day for atleast an hour. A 30 minute jogging or workout with meditation and laughter can bring wonders in one’s life. Laugh, joke, and be with your family and friends. This is the best medicine for smartphone slaves.
4. Smartphone Addiction Therapy- If preventive measures do not proved successful in cutting down on your smartphone usage or still you are slave to your smartphone, then you could be suffering from a severe smartphone addiction and treatment is recommended. Treatment options include:
• Individual therapy: In this you have to contact with the therapist, who will work with you to address any underlying problems or any co-occurring mental disorders that could be affecting your frequency of using
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